Taylor learned at an early age that a melody could create an emotion unlike anything else in the world and this notion has remained with her and is evident in her live performances. Growing up in the shadow of Baton Rouge in the town of Port Allen, Taylor spent most of her time singing and learning music with her dad. It didn't take long for word to get out about the town's new talent. By high school, she had already been featured on several records from local groups of multiple genres providing vocals and lyrics. This exposure helped her to find Addis born keyboardist Slade Blanchard, and thus a life long partnership of song writing, performances and friendship began. Their first performance together was in 2013 at Lil' Daddy's in Plaquemine and from that point on they have consistently provided good times to crowds through their music all the way from Lafayette to New Orleans. In recent years, the group has evolved with various members, adding guitarist Tyler Baronet to the line up. One thing that remains constant is that Taylor's voice and connection with her audience is sure to leave people asking for more. No matter the occasion, booking Taylor Rae and her band, is sure to draw a fun loving crowd.


Tyler Baronet

Tyler is the most recent addition to the group bringing the unmistakably soulful sounds of his guitar to the mix. He has been a staple of the Baton Rouge music scene for decades.


Slade Blanchard

Taylor and Slade's musical friendship and collaboration began more than ten years ago and is still going strong today. What started out as just a simple studio writing team eventually developed into an inseparable performing duo. They have played everything from 50's rock n' roll, mo-town to today's hits. Slade's contemporary style and quirky edge have lured him hundreds of performances with an intrigued fan base.